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Amtrak is the way to go

Well, I am taking as trip to Georgia to visit some friends.  Ain’t got a pot to piss in, but I need to hit the road.  When I contacted the arilines for a roundtrip ticket to Atalnta, they wanted my first born almost $800!  And then, of course, the drudgery yougotta go through to catch a plane — huffing and puffiung to get the airport 2 hours early, hand over all of your ID, get strip searched — and when you finally get on the plane, worry if the thing will land in one piece.  And so I turned to Amtrak — about $140 bucks each way — and I was sold.  Mind you, it’s a 14 hour ride, but it beats not going at all.

The crew was great, the people were great, and while I was a little uncomfortable asleeping in a seat, I had a really cool time.  I ate in the club car, surfed on my laptop, read books and chatted with people, and really enjoyed not having to to deal with the 3 hour ordeal to get on a plane.

I’m racking up my Amtrak points . . . can’t wait to take another trip on Amtrak . . . you should check it out!


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