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I Gotta Kindle, I Gotta Kindle!

I finally broke down and bought it. It came ready to go, with my name already on it, my account totally hooked up to it and everything.

I was never anti-reading tablets, just . . . well cautious. I mean, I am a woman that pwns several thousand books, I love books. I love shopping for them, preferably in person than online, but i have mastered the online thing. But I got a kinle for several reasons:

1. Some of my hardcore non-technical friends bought Kindles. Their enthusiasm was kind of scary, I mean I love these people dearly but they are not technophiles, but that in itself is very telling. They loved the simplicity of the device, and the clarity of the screen, the ease of reading, the ability to carry it around and read, was very exciting to me.

2. I could never read on computers. I could never understand how people could read on iPads and other color-lit devices. If I have to read anything at great length on a computer, I print the article out. Too much stress on my eyes. The Kindle is so easy to read, I read even faster using it.

3. Affordable . . . The prices came down making it easier to get. I knew that they were planning to upgrade to a newer device (probably without a keyboard), so this was as good a time as any to buy one.

4. I also wanted a Kindle so that I can read books that I like. I instituted this rule about a year ago, that is, when I go to bed and read to unwind, instead of reading poetry, essays and other research material as it pertains to the phati’tude Literary Magazine, I’m going take the time to read what I like to read, that has nothing to do with literature, and that means reading biographies and autobiographies.

5. I eventually want to put phati’tude on the Kindle and having one let’s me learn how it works and test issues for publication. Soon. Soon.

So I am really loving this. I got the Kindle 3G so I can download books, and search the web, whenever I want. I am loving it, and if you are thinking about getting a Kindle, I say don’t think, buy it today!

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