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Personal Writing

Much of my writing can be found on the phati’tude website and in phati’tude Literary Magazine, such as book reviews, the Editor’s Note, and interviews. I also write tons of press releases, announcements and material for both phati’tude and the IAAS. Below are some of my personal writings that provide insight about me, Gabrielle David, revealing (perhaps) what makes me tick.

Multiculturalism: Beyond the Melting Pot

A paper about multiculturalism. It originally appeared in the very first issue of phati’tude Literary Magazine, “We’re All In This Together,” and has circulated around the internet for the past ten years.

An Educational Philosophy Based on Multiculturalism

A paper that challenges the educational philosophy based on multiculturalism.

Discovering Myself in “To Be Young, Gifted & Black”

A paper on how literature found me.


A collection of eulogies of family members.

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