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Promoting phati’tude

Now that things are winding down, and I am no longer crushed with producing phati’tude Literary Magazine (our next deadline is January 6 for the Latino issue).  I am trying to catch-up with the usual stuff:  filing, combing through and answering emails, bookkeeping and interviewing interns.

I think, rather I know that a lot of people think that the magazine’s operation is huge . . .  that we have offices in New York City and a huge staff to put out the kind of magazine we publish.  I can only wish.  We run on a cloud, dispersed in different parts of the country, by volunteers with a pretty much non-existent budget.  It’s taken me almost a year to find some dedicated editors to work on this in a volunteer basis (Jennifer-Crystal Johnson, Rebecca Kaye and Karen Chau) and a great Art Director (Lorraine Miller Nuzzo, who has been with me for years), and a marketing person (Michelle Aragon), but unfortunately, the bulk of the work falls on me: layout, typesetting, the voluminous paperwork (contracts, galley proofs and keeping in contact with the writers), blah, blah, blah.

Everyone thinks publishing is glamorous, hardly not.  It takes a certain personality, drive and determination to put yourself on the line, emotionally and financially, to produce a publication that many people may not read.  Of course, short of being a fatalist, I believe phati’tude Literary Magazine has a good chance of going mainstream, if given the chance.  So I keep it moving . . .

Check out the magazine on, support phati’tude.

Give the gift of Giving, Give phati’tude.


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